Third post in a week-still no answers or help from Ring customer service. When I will get my refund?

Hi all, I am waiting for a refund (100€) for about 10 days now and still nothing on my bank account.

I paid by an accident whole year subscription, since Ring website is extremely demeaning (billed as whole year not monthly bla bla) so I saw too late that they are gonna charge me for a whole year immediately unfortunately.

There is no real number or live chat agent for Ireland so I am just wondering when I will get my money back?

P.s. Doorbell 2gen camera is having issues with live view. So in 10 occasions, I can see live view only once or twice. Very very poor performance. Also, recorded video is often in bad quality and sometimes even doesn’t recognize people in front of the home. Overall poor and overvalued product. I bought loads of Ring products (paid 300+€) thinking it is top class, but I’ve got just an average security electronics. Just facts, no hard feelings.

*Edit: as I mentioned before, there is no real customer support from Ring. I’ve been posting here for a week in order to get a help from someone relevant, and I still did not receive any response. This will be my third post here. Customer service is avoiding answering my questions. Please, if you see this, avoid buying Ring products. It is quite average security system, there are much better local ones around you, believe me.

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Hi @Sterop. Again, this post has beed addressed here, where you first asked about it. When posting in the community, please be patient. There are lot’s of posts to get to and we get to them as soon as we can. Posting the same topic over and over again to try and get a quicker response is considered SPAM posting, so please be considerate of that. Typically, it take 24-48 hours to respond to a post.