There is motion at your front door

This notification no longer apears on my iphone 6 homepage. SUddenly it stopped appearing. The Ring app does detect the motion, my phone chimes and vibrates. History says motion has been detected. But the notification “There is motion at your front door” no longer appears on my homepage. Appreciate any help. P.S. I have done a soft reset to my phone to no avail. Messages from other sources (apps) appear on my homepage. Is there something in the Ring setuo I am overlooking.

Hey @NormK. Could you try removing the Ring app from your phone, turning your phone off and then on again, and then reinstalling the app? From there, ensure you log back in and enable the motion alerts for your device. Then go ahead and walk past your front door and let me know if the notification comes through. If this still does not, let me know what iOS your iPhone 6 is running. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestion. I use an iPhone 6, The software is up to date (iOS 12.4.7). I get messages all the time (Fit Bit, Lifetime, etc.). The messages are always displayed on the homepage, and they stay there until I clear them away. Only Ring sends me a message (e.g., “There is motion at your front door,” which displays momentarily and then clears itself from the homepage without any help from me. My phone senses the motion, rings and vibrates but the message is seen only momentarily. If I look at the RIng app I can see there was an event and the camera captures it. So, is it a phone issue or a Ring issue? Truthfully, I am a little hesitant to act on your suggestion without more assurance that it will work. But I will keep it in mind. P.S. 2 soft resets to my phone have not helped.

@NormK The remove, restart and reinstall is the full removal process to reset your notification preferences for your Ring app, which is why I recommend it. Although, it sounds like you may need to change the Alert style, since the alert disappears after it pops up. This alert may still be in the drop down menu in your Notification Center. You can go into the Settings on your device > Notifications > Ring > And ensure you have the notifications alerts enabled for Lock Screen, Notification Center, and Banners. Then, for Banner Style, you change this to Persistent instead of Temporary. Let me know if this was the fix you needed for that! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your suggestion. It worked perfectly. So much easier then removing and reinstalling the app. I really am very grateful for your even noticing my problem and taking the time to suggest fixes.

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@NormK I’m so happy to hear that! :smiley_cat: Thanks for letting me know it worked for you, I’ll make sure to suggest this to other neighbors in the future knowing you love this. Hope you’re staying safe and healthy and feel free to post again if you ever have concerns/questions in the future. We’re here for you, neighbor!