The ring notification is not working on iPhone11

Upgraded iphones to iphone 11 for my wife and myself and now she doesn’t get any ring on her phone when the doorbell is activated.

I’ve tried comparing her phone with mine and I think I see the problem but can’t seem to fix it.

When I compare Front Door device page the Ring and Motion Alerts are not turned on. I’ve tried turning them both on but it always says to allow Notifications . It says to go to Settings>Ring>Notifications. I already have the Notifications turned on so I’m at a loss on what to do next.

Any help would be appreciated.


Easiest solution may be to delete the app and install it again. Then log in to your Ring account. This should prompt you to allow notifications.

You also may want to download the RapidRing app (it is an official Ring app) which is super fast in showing you live video.

You want to check settings in both the Ring app and iOS settings.

On the Ring App, click on the 3 lines (top left icon), then Devices, and select your Doorbell. Here first make sure Ring Alerts is turned on (if you want the doorbell ringing to alert you) and Motion Alerts turned on (if you want alerts if someone is in front of it). Then go to Device Settings, and then Alert Settings and finally Notification Preferences and verify In-App Notifications is turned on.

On iOS, go to Settings, Notifications, Ring, and make sure Allow Notifcations is turned ON.

If you use the RapidRing app as well, by default you will get notifications from both apps. In this case, you may want to turn off Ring and Motion notifications from the Ring app, but keep them on from RapidRing.