The Ring Doorbell Transformer (UK)

I was just wondering why the genuine hardwire transformer is constantly out of stock on both the Ring (UK) and Amazon (UK) website.

Ring tell you of the dire consequences of using a non Ring DIN transformer for a mains wired Ring Doorbell in their literature but then make it impossible to purchase a genuine Ring DIN transformer.

I want to purchase one for better or worse so can someone from Ring please tell me how I can purchase one. THANK YOU.

Do Ring Employees never reply or do they just avoid the most embarressing questions that they have no answer for. I need a Ring DIN transformer - help me out.

Hi @user73569. At this time, I do not have information on when the Din Rail Transformer will be back in stock. As an alternative, you can use a Plug-in Adapter with your Doorbell, which is in stock.

The whole reason I bought a wired doorbell originally was because I wanted it wired to my fusebox with a DIN transformer but its always out of stockā€¦ I am currently using a 3rd party transformer but would like the genuine article.