The ring app timeline has a bug due to a app update

The timeline in the ring app has been skipping back to the previous day (as everyone may know) for the past few weeks/days now it should not be taking ring this long to fix this issue/problem please fix this bug asap ring

Ring not working at all

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Hi neighbors, thanks for your patience as our team works on resolving this. If you’re encountering this issue with the Event History Timeline snapping back to a single event, please get in touch with our support team to complete any additional troubleshooting steps available. If you’ve already contacted support, you do not need to reach out again. As a temporary workaround, try accessing the Event History tab instead of the Event History Timeline to view previous events.

App constantly takes me back to previous days when I’m just trying to go back a few hours

It would be really cool if I could scroll through the timeline and it not go all the way to midnight or previous days by itself.

Hi i have a problem to contact with support. As the number in uk that im calling doesnt exist…?!
I have event history but timeline is glitching. Tried to contact trough chat but still talking with bot instead live agent… pplease can you help me as it is very frustrating…

Hi @Fenrir. This page will give you the number to call our support team based on what region you are in.