The Ring App has a Temporary Connection Issue

My Ring Pro has not been able to show live view. It says “The RIng App has a Temporary Connection Issue” and when I go to history now it says internet connection is not working. When I go to devices it says online, and I still get notifications whenever my doorbell rings. I saw on ring status that this was an issue that was resolved yesterday but it has not been resolved for me yet.

Hey @DesiMcGrady. Are you still having this concern? It sounds like the app is having a hard time connection to the connection on your phone, and that this isn’t on the Doorbell’s end. Whenever you see this pop up, please try turning off your wifi if you’re connected via wifi, or using wifi if you were only on cellular data before. Let me know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Its fixed now. Not sure what happened but after posting I was logged out of my app and when I logged back in everything was back to normal. I already tried your steps and that didnt work. Must have been something on your end that was resolved.

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