The Problem is Getting Widespread Attention

Ring team, time to stop blaming this on customer’s “bad routers and bad WiFi range” Some videos are not recording. Everyone is complaining about it. Google it. Please get your service bandwidth fixed. It’s not our fault.

Meanwhile you spam our mobile app with ads for your products despite us paying ridiculously high fees for video storage. I think you should make your server’s service bandwidth much better before you start spamming us with advertisements.

Not a single blip in my 8 camera Arlo system. Same property, same house, same tech devices, same routers, same WiFi, same ISP.

Same issue here. Constant message “no video found” or “Video didn’t record correctly”. Can’t go to live view more times than not, and its all been this way forever.

Its always blame the users Wifi, and the only assistance you will ever get here for any issue is a copy/paste reply to reboot your Wifi.

This despite the wifi signal being great as shown by Rings own software showing a fantastic RSSI signal strength in the app for the specific device

I was getting the same responses when I had connectivity problems with the Ring Doorbell a few years ago. I live in a townhouse, have over 30 other devices connected all over the house with no problems. Finally they told me I needed a Chime to boost the signal. The Chime would have been an extra $50. I returned the Ring Doorbell, bought a Dufy doorbell, mounted it in the same location. It has been working flawlessly for the past 3 years!

Hi @6626. This shouldn’t be happening, especially if the wifi signal your Camera is receiving is strong. In addition to having a good wifi signal, sufficient upload and download speed is necessary for your Ring to be able to properly record events. Most Ring Doorbells and Cameras require a minimum upload speed of 2 Mbps for optimal performance. Lastly, I’d recommend checking that the ports and protocols used by Ring devices are open. If this concern persists, please follow up with our support team at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.