The person cant hear me

Finally got my Ring 2 working and have an issue. Sound outside sounds choppy at times. The person outside cant hear me when I talk through the app very well. Volume is all the way up and they still have a hard time hearing me or me hearing them. Is there a fix? Does the wifi signal strength make a difference? I have an extender that is closer to the doorbell than my wireless router. Dont really want to disconnect it and send it back. Any help would be appreciated.

Hey @Suspiciousferret. Your wifi signal could be playing a big part in this. If you could, please check out to our Community post here to learn more about where to find your RSSI and what it means.

Thank you. I was figuring that’s what it was. When I set it up I had to turn the power to the doorbell. The power to the wifi extender went off too donit just showed my router. I will fix it when I get home. Again thanks for the help.

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The person outside cant hear me. The sound is garbled ,like peanuts characters…wawawa.

any help appreciated.

Hey @alisondolivo. Did you try checking your RSSI and if it is a rather high number, look into what you can do to try to get it down? This could be the reason why the audio quality is lacking. If this does not seem to be the case, can you please share a url link or zip file of a video that shows this distorted audio?

My problem is with the original Ring Video Doobell. I can hear them fine through the app, but they can’t hear me from the doorbell. Can the Doorbell volume be increased our dog I need a replacement? My RSSI is 53.