The Motion Light Does not Work Properly on Floodlight Cam Pro…Please Help or Fix This

I just bought the hard wired Floodlight Cam Pro; your best and most expensive camera. Yet it does not seem to work well. I also have a full normal camera system that records locally and alerts me to motion. I just installed the Ring floodlight cam pro yesterday and last night the motion lights would go off literally every minute with no motion recorded and in viewing my other cameras there was no motion to set off the lights.

I read on here that the light motion detection and video motion detection are separate. Tonight I decided to test it by walking up to my truck in the dark. I have the Ring floodlight camera focused on my vehicles in the driveway. I carried my phone with me and it detected my motion and began recording video when I got to my truck but the lights did not come on. I literally had to start waving my arms in the air and walk within less than 10 feet of the camera for the lights to finally turn on. I have the light motion setting set at the maximum distance and spread.

Why on earth would it be that if there is no motion, the lights come on so frequently but record no motion on video? Then when I walk up to my truck, why would the video record and the lights won’t come on unless I am waving my arms at the camera? This is pathetic for a very expensive camera that is supposed to be your most advanced. Please provide feedback beyond adjusting motion settings. I have it set to the max and the lights don’t come on when the video motion does.

So far I am not impressed at all and I hope this can be resolved or you have a good return policy. Is it too hard to ask that when the camera detects motion it starts recording AND turns the lights on at night?

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Hi there, @Mbattles! It sounds like you are doing everything correctly here. As long as the Activate Lights with Motion option is on, your lights should illuminate whether is be for Camera motion or light specific motion. Try adjusting your light settings (zones / sensitivity) to a mid range and starting from there. Your motion detector for the lights will have a larger field of view than your Camera, thus your lights should work quite easily.

If these concerns persists, check out this Community post for more troubleshooting steps, and feel free to add any examples there as well .

Okay so it seems I ended up solving the problem. The camera has a 140 degree field of view and the area where I have it installed is only a 90 degree field of view so I wasn’t to concerned with how I had the camera pointed as no matter what it picked up the area I needed. I decided to point the camera directly to the middle of my 90 degree field of view thinking that maybe being pointed to close to a wall was causing problems. That fixed it. Now the light only turns on when there is motion and the camera records when there is motion. It is working just fine now.

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Well, what I did seemed to fix it until just a few days ago. Absolutely nothing has changed and now the ring floodlight camera is suddenly back to having the floodlight come on literally every minute all night long but no motion is recorded and there is no motion to set off the light. I just don’t understand what is going on.

Hi @Mbattles. Sorry to hear you’re still experiencing this concern. In the Community post that Marley linked, you’ll see that we’ve taken feedback on this from other neighbors experiencing this concern as well. We’ve forwarded it onto the appropriate teams for now, and in the meantime, you can also give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here and they can assist with troubleshooting and look into your account individually regarding this concern. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile:

I am having the exact same problem. Had 3 of them installed by an electrician and they all flip on and off constantly all night long. Please help!!!

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I too have the same issue. If i turn on the motion detection for lights they come on immediately! No motion in area. If I turn them off and leave the app, they come back on!

I have the exact same probably. I’ve all but turned the motion sensitivity settings off on my Pro and it still is flipping on/off all night long. My poor neighbors!