The end of my life as a ring costumer

I bought my DOORBOT in 29/09/2013
It was the best solution for my music studio. Can´t have a regular doorbell here.
As a one of the very first costumers, I was offered LIFETIME WARRANTY. So, every update, a new doorbell was sent to me. Even when DOORBOT changed to, they send to me a 1st gen doorbel. Then when this first one broke, I was sent a new one… They even sent me the solar charger.
When it arrived, it was making a noise, as if something loose inside. And now it don´t work anymore.
I called suppot, they tell me I don´t have warranty anymore.
I opened the device and I noticed that the battery connector is rusty, and disconected. It turned into dust as I touched it. The noise of something loose inside was the loose batery inside. As it bounce inside, the conector got loose.

Anyway, It was a good time as a ring costumer, now I only can say goodbye.