The days events v 'video history'

I’m new to RING products and to the Ring Community Forum.

I’m not sure about is how much daily activity goes into the ‘video history’ that is the main benefit of my subscription. Without access to my ‘video history’, at 08.50 today will I be unable to review the motion alert that triggered at 05.57 this morning when the milkman called?


Hey @Davidss. Your event history and video recording history will depend on what kind of activity you are having at your devices every day. A lot of neighbors find a benefit for having the Ring Protect Plan as they want to make sure that all events are recorded and documented, especially for times when they miss a notification or are away from the home.

I can see that what kind of activity is happening at my device every day will influence the history.

In my case I’m happy to review Activity alerts as soon as I see the notifications on the phone. This may be after the event, but on the same day.

Do I need the ‘Video History’ to view the activity in the 24 hour period following the activity?