The alarm still goes off in delay exit/home mode

Help! I got a new Ring home monitoring system. Two big questions:

  • I set it on Home/Exit Delay for the two main doors so my dogs won’t set off the alarm. But, the alarm goes off anyway as soon as I leave. Why, and how do I change that?

  • My personal workaround can be to press Home in the app once I leave, but what would my dogsitter do? Can I give her very limited access on an app? I’d planned on her just using her own code manually.

Thanks in advance for your help .

Hi @user54570. You would have to specifically set an Exit Delay under the Home Mode, as there is no Exit Delay be default. This is because the intention is for Home Mode to be used once you arrive home. The Exit and Entry Delay will also only apply to Contact Sensors that are set as a Main Door under the settings.

What would work best for the situation of letting the dogs out is the Quick Exit feature. This feature lets you press the button on your Contact Sensor (2nd Gen) so you can open the door for 30 seconds without setting the alarm off. When you need to let the dogs back inside, you can simply press the button again to let them in.

As for dogsitters, you can create a Guest User so they can arm and disarm the Ring Alarm via the Keypad. This would allow them to disarm it after entering the home, then rearm it before leaving. There is even a scheduling feature for Guest Users, so they can only arm and disarm the Alarm during a designated time frame. I hope this information helps!

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