The ability to disable motion zones was removed in App version 5.33.0

When the Ring App was upgraded to 5.33.0 the ability to disable a motion zone by removing a checkmark from the zone in the app. This was a very important feature for me and I would like it returned to future version of the IOS App.


I agree, we have 1 motion zone we often disabled as well. I had asked that they bring the option to disable each zone to the control panel so I didn’t have to get all the way to the camera zones.

I realize I can silence these zones, but now I have to sift thru all the clips to see which ones are a concern… it’s a huge waste of time (and storage) to sift thru unwanted clips.

Why would Ring remove functionality?
Please bring it back, and while your at it, give us the ability to disable from the control panel settings tab.

Agreed, I wish they would stop breaking (ie - removing) things!

Now the resizing of zones also appears to be broken so that I can not reduce the zone size to a small window? It used to allow very small adjustments, but now refused to move close to one of the other anchor points?

Come on Ring, please get the motion zones working again!