THANK YOU RING!!! (Adjustable zones for spotlight cam battery)

So today, I realized I had not received a single alert from my camera. I started to go through the motions of checking the app and seeing what was going on. I noticed a “New” by the motion settings, and I realized why I wasn’t getting the alerts.

Its because my MOTION ZONE WAS NOT SET!!! I couldn’t believe it. I could customize the motion zone. I have not fully tested it, nor do I know when they put this change in. It was definitely after by the afternoon; thats when I stopped getting events by the usual cars that go by my house. There are 2 in particular that set off the camera at night and they did not do that.

In fact, according to my logs tonight has been fairly quiet but I know I’ve had a lot of traffic flow up and down our street. We always do. When they put in the change, my motion zone was really small. I just now adjusted it to how I’ve wanted it since I got the cam a month ago, so we’ll see how well it works.

But there is now an “advanced motion detection” option to enable, and that lets you adjust your motion zone. To test for now, I have my zone set exactly how I want it, and turned up the detection for the time being. This is my driveway and I’d like to be alerted about everything that happens on it, as we’ve had a flare up of incidents around our area.

Just wanted to say thanks to the Ring team for adding this feature. Not sure if it was there in the past (from what I’ve heard, it was), but as a “new” camera owner, this is awesome!

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