testing the smoke and co listener

Hi all,

So I installed Nest Protects throughout my house and I have the ring smoke and CO listener. I attempted to set it up pushed the blue button ran the nest alarm in test mode for the smoke and co alarms and attempted to “finish testing” but it never finishes testing and continues to say I need to finish testing. What am I doing wrong?

I attempted to ininstall and reinstall the listener to no availal and hit the test button on the listener placed in 3 inches from the smoke alarm and it never finishes its testing mode.

Please help.

Thank you

I am a big fan of Ring products, but I will say the one product that failed me was the smoke listener. I found it to be quite unreliable in testing, one never did finish setting up (like yours) and the other when retesting was hit or miss (and yes, I have relatively new detectors). So . . . I decided to buy actual smoke/co2 detectors. I could not get comfortable with the reliability of the listener.


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Hey @emsguy and @Brad! If the Listener is failing tests with your Smoke/ CO detector, I recommend checking the following:

  • The Listener is 3-6 inches away from the detector (ideally 2-3 inches)
  • The arrow on the bracket faces the detector, so that the mic is facing towards the sound.
  • Ensure that this location is not too far from the Alarm Base Station (connection).

Check out our help center article about testing the Smoke and CO Listener for more information. Please let me know how this goes! :slight_smile:

@Marley_Ring wrote:

Please let me know how this goes!

Did all that, the units were just not reliable in multiple testing sessions, so I returned the units. Others may have more luck with them, but all is well, I just have more detectors in my house now, the originals and the new Ring compatible ones.

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I am having the same problem, listener is anywhere from right next to it to up to 6 inches apart. Held the speaker up against the alarm directly. Still nothing but a flashing red ring. I have repeated the set up process. Many times. Is my listener defective? From other comments I’m wondering if it’s just a poor design and I should return it to get the actual smoke detector.

They way they work is mainly as a listener. They listen for 2 sounds defined in the instructions. They are standard sounds. One for CO2 and one for fire. If your alarms do not produce those sounds it won’t work. My Nest fire and CO2 alarm speaks, so it won’t work. Check the instructions to see if yours is compatible.