Terrible waste of money so far

I have 2 outdoor cameras. One is 15 feet away from my WIFI the other is about 40 feet away. Neither will connect to live view, Maybe 10% of the time. I have the motion detection on. I pulled out of my garage in a F-150 truck 6 feet from my camera and it didnt alert or record but the blue liught did turn on. its pretty useless if it wont work. hopefully i can get some help, the phone help line is also useless considering i called 3 times and yet to speak to a person. My garage has been broken into a couple times thats why i got these, but if i can drive into my garage without it recording, there is no way it pick up a thief

Hi @Jrsum11. What is the RSSI for both of your devices? It’s possible that, although close to your wifi, your router may not have a strong enough signal strength to go through your home to the outside in order to connect to the cameras. In addition, it may be related to the speeds for your home network. Please check out our Community post here to learn more about RSSI, what it means for your devices, and some possible ideas to address your concern.