Terrible - Ring confirmed they've turn down Floodlight Pro Siren Level

This is so disappointing for a hardware supplier. You spend a fortune building a Ring infrastructure for your house, and then they deploy a firmware update reducing the volume of the Ring Floodlight Pro to the point where it’s pointless. Might as well be a toy.

Apparently it happened around a year ago according to Ring’s own technical support team just now. And they didn’t announce it. I was wondering why no one was paying attention to it any more. Technical support have confirmed that they no longer can tell me the decibel level of the alarm (previously 110db).

Way to go making your own product partially redundant Ring. Terrible customer service. Now looking into other brands instead.

It’s not just the siren, it’s volume issues period. I
I replaced the original version of the floodlight (for the well known sticking IR lens problem) with the new pro version last year. From the onset with the motion detection announcement ON the volume would sporadically go up and down on its own. I contacted support and held my ground to get a replacement per their warranty. Forget trying to blame my network for this problem, which is what they tried to do of course.
So I received a new one and was so hopeful that the problem would no longer exist.
So much for hoping, the new one also has the sporadic up and down volume issue. Sometimes clear as a bell then other times barely audible.

The volume level we think we have control of is non-existent from my experience. Mine is at max at all times but, the floodlight has its own ideas.
Forget actually trying to call attention to criminal intrusion with the siren! So much for security!

I guess I should be thankful the video & detection features works well. Why they can’t fix the volume problem is mind boggling!
Hopefully they will analyze the one I returned and can/do fix this once and for all.