Terrible Motion Detection Range On Our Spotlight Solar Panel Cameras

We had two Ring Spotlight Solar Panel Cameras installed by Best buy in the front of our home this past Saturday. Though the Motion Detection range is advertised at 30 feet, and though we have set our cameras at the highest sensitivity to catch the most motion, we are only getting a Motion Detection range from each camera at approximately 10 to 15 feet. Can someone please offer any suggestions that might resolve our problem? If it was just one camera, I would think that it was a manufacturing problem, but it is both.

Hey @faustind. The Spotlight Cam Solar has Adjustable Motion Zones, which use passive infrared (PIR) sensors to detect motion. This form of motion detection identifies visitors based on a change in temperature, and then sends a signal to your smart device when it detects one. The advertised distance of motion detection is not exact, as people and objects farther away from the Camera will appear as smaller heat patterns on the passive infrared sensors. This makes it more difficult for motion to be registered the farther away from the Camera it is, as the heat pattern is smaller.

I’d be happy to take a look at the Motion Zones you have set for each Camera and see if there are any adjustments on placement or positioning that I can offer to ensure you’re getting the most out of the motion detection. You can attach screenshots of the Motion Zones in a reply to this thread. :slight_smile: