Terrible Customer Service

Totally shameful that several hours of my time need to be spent to try and fix a broken doorbell. The “customer service specialists” read off a script. I was told that even though my doorbell was working for over 4 months, the problem is with my transformer because the voltage was 1/4 volt under the required 16 volts. Asked to speak to a supervisor, put on hold for at least ten minutes, then told supervisor was in a meeting and will call back. NO SUCH CALL. I called a couple of days later and followed all the instructions that the “tech” gave me, and the bell still didn’t work. Today I was emailing back and forth with a tech. After several proceedures he provided, the door bell still didn’t work. His final reply, I hope you’re happy with your customer service. Please call if you have any questions. REALLY? Called that number and asked to speak to supervisor. Guess what, the supervisor was in a meeting and will call me back. Again, no such call. I bet if I wanted to buy another unit the sales department would be all over it. But because I have a problem, too bad? All this because the door bell is defective and no one wants to send me a new one. Great warranty you have. Hey Ring, maybe you should also consider not outsourcing your customer service to the Phillipines. They obviously don’t care. Thanks for wasting my time, and I guess it will be impossible to get my subscription money back that I can’t even use.

Sorry to hear about this experience @Robinsoncaruso. This is not the experience we intend for our neighbors, and we’ve made sure to forward your feedback to the appropriate teams. As it sounds like you have a Video Doorbell Pro, keep in mind the power requirement is 16 to 24 VAC for intended operation. As it sounds like you’ve confirmed that there is power reaching your Ring device, there may be other steps to try out.

The Community is full of neighbors and team members who are happy to help. If your device is simply unresponsive even with power applied, our support team will be able to assist the best as they are trained to find solutions and provide exceptional service.

I appreciate the reply, but I’ve exhausted all the options. The door bell is defective but Ring is too cheap to honor its warranty.

We are having a team member look into your ticket as we speak. In the meantime, please double check all power variables, including the power supply, to ensure you are receiving enough power.