Terrible customer service, Ring app keeps freezing, floodlight problems - wasted so much money

I can more then second this, since the start of the year we have been having the same problem and despite calling and complaining to ring on multiple occassions it has never been resolved. I have been so disapointed with the service we have received to the point that not only has my app been freezing on all devices we have been having other issues such as our cameras going offline completely for many hours yet our wifi and everything else in the house was all fine.

Rings customer service team always do the same thing when we ring them, they make out we are the only people to have this issue which clearly is not the case (even on trustpilots site people have given poor reviews due to the app issues etc)

We both have Iphones of different models with the latest IOS, we dont have loads of apps running in the background, we have both on many occassions done what ring keep saying by removing the app, then switching the phone off then on and reinstalling the app. They keep saying it is being escalated and someone will be in touch but no one ever phones us back and has never resolved the issues .

I have also sent 4 emails to Ring’s email address - help@ring.com and info@ring.com yet not a single response has been sent back to me.

Considering I have a ring pro doorbell and 5 cameras (spending around £1200 just to buy without the installation costs) you would think that Ring would value a customer like this who also pays for the top annual service contract with them, but clearly not.

The other issue we had was the ring floodlight cameras (hard wired version) seem to put the lights on any time of the day when you go near it, so i highlighted this with Ring as the lights are LED and cannot be changed, when they burn out you have to change the entire unit, yet they told me on the phone that i had to change a setting, they went through it with me and now from one time to another they stay on continuesly, its a complete joke as I asked ring if this will 100% on turn on and off during these times when motion is detected and he was adement that it would.

Another issue I complained to them about which they have not solved or even replied to me is that one of my cameras will constantly repeate every 1-2 seconds motion detected, which is annoying as it should alert me once so i can click on to it, but because of this it means i end up with 60 notifications on my phone within a couple of minutes!

Their support team actually told me that I should use the ring app login on my computer, but that defeats the object as the whole point is that you can check things from your smart phone and answer your door from there! they then even tried to get me to use their rapid ring app which again means you cannot go through the events on!

Other issues included the front door bell disconnecting on its own despite it being right next to a wifi router! other times ring has not even notified either of our phones when someone has gone past my ring flood light cams and upto my ring door bell pro!

I have now emailed ring again today asking them to refund me for all of the products and if they do not come back to me, I will now be forced to look at taking legal action to recover my money so i can remove them and purchase another companies products!

No email support for almost a year now. So you’re not reading the message posted everywhere.