Terrible Company!!

I purchased a Ring 2 Video Doorbell in August of this year. After only having it a week, my son’s bike was stolen 10 feet from the doorbell, almost directly in front of it. It never picked up motion. I had my Ring set up to detect motion 30 feet or more, motion frequency is set to frequent, installed the wedge, and snapshots every 5 minutes. I called customer service for help and was told that it had not captured the event. The customer service representative did not offer any advice or remedy to the situation. With minimal faith in the company, I decided to return the Ring 2 for the most current Ring video doorbell. My trial had expired for my protect plan, so I contacted customer service to ask if, given my bad prior experience if they would offer me a year of protect plan at no cost ($30 value). I was told that they were sorry about the unfortunate events, but they could only offer me 60 day extension to my protect plan. I explained that the bike stolen was $80. The customer service representative said they would check to see if they could offer me a year. After returning, I’m told that 60 days is all they can offer. This company is a joke! I can’t believe the level of unappreciation they have for their customers! I have attached a picture of where the bike was in reference to the Ring.