Terrible Chat and Telephone Service

I am baffled that a company that is solely in the business of technology doesn’t understand the importance of quality telephone and chat service. My story.

I purchased 3 camera/floodlights for security of my home. Installed and like what I am seeing after 3 weeks. Good video, easy to adjust zones. Good overall product experience the first 3 weeks. I like the idea of a history of events I can view. I love the videos of the various animals that use my yard as a highway. And if someone prowls around my house I like having a video record of it. Of course that feature is only free the first 30 days.

I contact Ring to confirm if the basic plan will continue what I have now which is all 3 cameras maintaining a history of events. It seemed reading their page the answer is no and that I must use the PLUS plan which I’d rather not pay for. So I use their chat feature to confirm this. Their rep on the chat is absolutely incompetent. And I blame Ring for failure to train her. She said I could monitor and record all 3 cameras with the BASIC plan. Based on how long it took to her her to answer this question which required me asking 4 times I was skeptical and called Ring on my phone. They tell me no - to monitor and record all 3 I must use their PLUS plan.

So I have someone on the phone now telling me I must use the PLUS plan which supposedly includes a monitoring function. Like a security feature. Nope that is only with their alarm package. OK. So it’s $10 a month ($100 a year) just to hold a history of events in my yard? Wow. Would have selected a product that allowed me to host my own history had I known that.

So bottom line the main feature I like which is a record of who (and what in the country) is in my yard will cost $100 a year. I considered the basic plan and only having one camera keep a history but I have no idea if this is possible and wasn’t up to trying to get that answered by the Ring reps.

Prior to this I would have been 100% recommending this product to my neighbors but now I’m not so sure.

Sorry to hear about this, @JimAZ! This is not at all the experience we intend, and we will certainly be sharing this feedback with our teams here for future improvement. Our team members are trained and should be solutions driven and knowledgeable. Your desire to cover your Cameras under a Protect Basic Plan is most definitely possible.

The Protect Basic Plan covers individual devices, while the Protect Plus plan covers all Ring devices at one location. This means, if you’d like to subscribe only to the Protect Basic Plan, you will need to subscribe to a Protect Basic Plan per Ring Camera. The Protect Plus Plan certainly features many benefits, but it is not required to upgrade if you prefer applying a Protect Basic Plan to each camera. Keep in mind, if you were to add a fourth Camera, the Protect Plus plan would be more cost effective. Feel free to check out our Protect Plan help center article for more information on our plans. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. Yes it helps a bit in that I now know I can just buy a plan per device or all devices. So with 3 cameras I can buy 3 separate plans for $9 a ($90 year) versus $10. The rep on chat just didn’t seem to get my question which was very frustrating. When I asked if I could keep a history for my 3 cameras on the basic plan she kept saying yes but did not expand to say 3 basic plans.

Now I have to decide if it is worth it to pay monthly to keep a history of events on my cameras. Wish I had done better research and bought something that allowed me the ability to maintain my own history without a subscription.