Terrible billing

Why do I have to change my current account to add a device? I paid $39.95 for a year service on my home, I bought another device for another temporary property, when I try to activate the new device I must change the plan on an unrelated device (home) that has a paid in full service to a higher rate. I have no problem paying the rate on the new device but forcing me to change my plan on an old device is crazy, especially because it’s already paid for. This is ridiculous. Am I missing something?

Hi @user79646. Since this device is at another property, the Ring Protect plans would be completely separate from each other in this case. Currently, the Ring Protect Basic plan will apply to one Ring Doorbell or Camera, and the Ring Protect Plus plan will apply to all Ring Doorbells and Cameras at a single location.

Check in the Ring app to make sure the new Ring Device is set up under a separate location with the correct address. Once it’s up and running in the Ring app, you should then be able to subscribe to a plan for this device on Ring.com. We have more information on how to subscribe to a plan here as well.