Terrible audio on door bell and flood light camera

The audio quality is terrible on my new flood light camera and my video doorbell pro. I have a Chime about 3 feet from the front doorbell and the floodlight camera is hardwired and about 10 feet from my wifi router. Both have full bars of service. I have tried speaking to someone in my back yard or at my front door multiple times and every single time the person says “I can’t hear you, what are you saying” and I’ve tested it from home and they both always sound garbled. I have the newest Floodlight Cam and Video Doorbell. Not sure what I can do.

Hi @joshm662. For optimal placement of your Chime Pro, it should be located halfway between your internet router and Ring device. This will give your device the best RSSI. For audio related concerns, check out this Help Center article here. This has some great troubleshooting steps that you can try. I hope this helps.