Tenant NOT happy

Hello All,

I installed two Ring Cameras on my property before Tenants moved in. They were aware they were there and signed a lease agreement that specified the camera’s views were not to be blocked.

they are attached to the house facing the street. They are not threatening to take down. HELP! I’ve researced the internet but haven’t found anything like this. any thoughts?

I don’t know what your rental laws are like where you are but as they have signed a contract which includes the express term that they can’t mess with the cameras basoc contract law should say thats its a breach

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They may be renting a house or apartment from you, but as a landlord, you still maintain control of the exterior and non-living spaces of the property (hallways of apartment buildings, courtyards, outside of a house or apt building, etc). If they mess with the cameras it is vandalism.

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