Tenant covers camera

Prior to moving in, a camera was installed on the facade of the house facing outwards. You were able to see where they parked their car. and across the street where cars would constantly run the stop sign. The signed a lease that explicitly states that security camera must have unobstructed view. The signed the lease and a couple of months are unhappy with the camera there and covered it up.

Any suggestions?

Uncover the camera. You own the property and are in control of the exterier of the rented unit. If you can see from the camera video who covered it up, warn them that tampering with security cameras/devices is vandalism.

Thanks for the feedback. This is definately a sticky situation. While legally i might be correct, the question is do i want these tenants after the lease expires?

Yes, the camera faces outwards and covers the area where vehicles are parked and the area where someone cut the chain link fence, it doesn’t seem to be an invasion of privacy.