Temporarily turning off Floodlight Camera and light EASILY for Complete Privacy in yard

I have a Ring Floodlight camera in my back yard. I am in Arizona. When I am in the backyard, day or night, I would like to be able to make the camera stop detecting motion, stop recording, and prevent the floodlights from turning on all with one control until I am ready to go back inside the house.

I know how to snooze the camera motion detecting with the Motion Snooze button. I know how to stop the camera recording with the Motion Detection option, and I know I can turn off the motion control for the lights with the Turn Lights On With Motion button under Device Settings.

Theoretically I should be able to prevent the lights from going on with the Lights button, but it just doesn’t work that way. I can turn it off, but if there is motion, it goes right back on. During the day the option just turns the lights off and on.

I don’t want a complicated, multi-step process to accomplish this suspension of the functions. It is not on a switch, so I can’t just kill the power. I’m not even sure if that would be good for the Ring itself to turn it off and on so often as it would probably reboot.

Is there an option that I just haven’t found that would just suspend all functioning for this product until change I it back? If not, would it harm the product if I do install a switch that would kill the power to it?

Another option I’m told would be to wire the Ring Floodlight Camera to an outdoor cord and install a wifi controlled duplex receptacle and just turn the whole thing off with an Alexa command. Could this harm the product turning it off and on this way?

This is something I would be doing everytime we spend time outside. Can anyone offer any solutions? Thank you for reading all of this!

Hi @sammiemack. I would try setting up Modes for you Floodlight Cam. With Modes, you can chose how your camera reacts when in a specific mode. This Help Center article here will discuss Modes in more detail. I hope this works for you!

I am not looking for a way to control a camera based on a specific mode. I would like a way to basically turn it off when I go outside for a long time. I don’t want the camera to record, nor do I want the lights to go on. Sometimes the system will be Disarmed, sometimes it would be set up for Home, depending on my needs for how the other devices work. Those settings have nothing to do with when I go into the back yard. Basically, if I had a normal light switch linked to it, I would be fine, but it would not be easy to run the electric to the house for a switch. I am looking for a switch in the app that would suspend everything to do with that camera temporarily.

Hi @sammiemack. There is only one of thing I can think of that might work for you. With the Floodlight Cam selected, you can toggle off Motion Detection. This would cause the camera to not record anything even when there is motion present. I hope this works for you.

Thanks, I guess there is no easy way except to be able to cut the power. As you said, I can toggle the motion detection. The light going on when we don’t want is the most annoying part, but I love the fact that it lights up the whole yard when I need it. Thanks for investigating for me.

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