Temporarily suspend user access

We have someone that stays in our home, with our pets, when we travel. They have been given access to the system but would really like the ability to suspend the access, when we are home, without deleting the user and having to reinvite them. Ring Team??


Hey @hrh! This can be accomplished in the Ring app through the user settings. Please visit the Ring app > tap the menu (top left) > select Settings > select Users > and then tap on the user you would like to modify access with. On this page you will be able to select which devices you would like to grant or remove access from. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

True. However, if you remove access from all of the devices it will then want to delete the user.


Great point @hrh! If you are wanting to restrict all devices, removing them would indeed be the only way to do so. Of course, this is with our camera-enabled devices, as with our Alarm system you do have the option to add a guest user for limited, controlled, or temporary access.

The best option to suit your desired results would be to remove and re-add a shared user as needed. I will certainly forward this feedback to our team for consideration of more options! :slight_smile:

I have a vacation home, and has the same issue. I gave my agent a shared user account to monitor and access my vacation home while I am not there. But when I am in the vacation home, I don’t want anyone to monitor even access the house. I will visit the vacation home from time to time. Everytime to changing monitored devices one by one from app is too troublesome. Remvoing the account then add it back again everytime is not a good idea either. Please suggest your engineering team to add a feature to temporarily suspend the shared users with just one click. I believe this feature is easy to implement and very helpful to the customers.


I would also appreciate the ability to temporarily remove access to video doorbell devices from certain family members during certain hours without totally deleting them.

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Hi Neighbors! I wanted to step in for Marley here! This would be a great submission for our Feature Request Board. This is where Ring gathers information about what YOU want Ring to add/improve on. Once ideas are submitted, you can upvote them to help them gain traction.

Honestly this is such a haste that will try to return this system and go with Something else

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Found a work around to this problem for problem, no thanks to ring support.
Buy the cheapest camera they offer, toggle off record motion and motion alerts
Under users remove all devices except for that camera for the user you want to temporarily remove permissions to
This renders the camera useless so there a $60 price for this fix but it works

Seems to be a workaround before Ring adds this enhancement. Thanks.

I think that’s an important feature for those people who have vacation homes. Don’t know why Ring deosn’t want to add it?

If I delete a user from my account, will they get an email saying they have been removed or will this be anonymous?

Great question! When removing a shared user’s device access via the Ring app, they will not receive a notification of this. Your device/ location would be removed from the view on the shared user’s app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: