Telephoto Zoom Camera

How long is it going to be before RING makes a high resolution 4K to 8K telephoto zoom camera so when an object enter the selected FOV we have the ability to zoom up onto the subject while taking a snapshot or video. This would come in handy for ID’ing thugs as well as people who use these cameras for wildlife observation since as deer, wild turkeys, racoons, birds, etc

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Agreed that we absolutely need this! At least doing a 4K camera with optical zoom, and ideally Pan/tilt functionality as well.

I’d pay $500+ for a Ring camera with those.

I am looking for this as well since my farm is too long to reach with WiFi. I’m unable to find a solar WiFi bridge to reach the end of the driveway. (800 ft)

The house across the street has asked about packages gone missing but their house looks tiny from across the street.

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