Tech Support

I called tech support about a problem with Ring doorbell and got a guy with a foreign accent. He did not seem to understand our problem although I feel I explained it in a way that anyone could understand. He later hung up on us and never called back.

I usually bring up a screen on my Ipad that shows a black bar across the bottom of the screen with vertical white lines on it. Overlaying the black and white bar are blue and red rectangles that I can scroll right or left with my finger. As I scroll the screen shows what has happened outside our front door. It usually show people walking by our house on the sidewalk in front of our house. I can not longer bring up this screen to look at the history of what has happened in front.

I would like someone from Ring that can speak and understand English to call me.


Sorry to hear about this experience @tessen! I can assure you our team is trained to assist most efficiently, and will certainly get this feedback to those teams immediately.

In regards to your inquiry, it sounds like you are asking about the Timeline view. This is located on the main screen, or dashboard, of your Ring app. From the Ring app dashboard, you should see a preview tile of your Doorbell. Tapping on that preview should bring you to a screen where swiping back and further will allow you to review events on the timeline.

Another way to review video records in the Event History. From your Ring dashboard, please open the menu and select Event History to access your events there. Once you are viewing a video in the list, your should be able to skip forward and backwards through your events. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: