Taking too long to Record...defeats whole purpose!

Why does ring video always break up, to where it glitches & skips several seconds at a time? My wifi router is just right around the corner! Also, I can walk across my entire sidewalk & get into the house before Ring even picks it up & starts recording! Defeats the entire purpose of having it! So much for catching package thieves… all they have to do is walk up, take the package & walk back & the only thing it will catch is their backs as they walk away!!! Anyone having the same issues?

Hi there, @JoyH! Video connection concerns are often related to wifi or mobile device concerns. As you mentioned your router being nearby, check out our Community post about RSSI to see if your signal strength is reporting as strong. In addition to connection variables, motion detection settings can also be optimized to detect events quickly enough to notify efficiently.

I also recommend trying out the Rapid Ring app, designed to give you the quickest access to live view and answering alerts. If these suggestions did not help to resolve your concern, feel free to include an image example of your Video Doorbell’s view. :slight_smile:

Did you get this problem resolved? If so how?