System won’t disarm after accidentally triggering

We’ve had a Ring alarm system for a few months and have had three full-on false alarms with siren sounding and monitoring service calling us. We cannot get the system to disarm using the keypad or Alexa when this happens.

Two of these false alarms were caused by forgetting to disarm the system in the morning and then opening a door. In each case, we heard the countdown start, but were unable to disarm the system with the keypad next to the door, despite multiple attempts. (Code, then disarm button. Like ten times.) Disarming using Alexa (“Alexa, disarm Ring”) also does not work — it doesn’t ask for the disarm code or respond at all. This happened with two different doors and two different keypads.

The other false alarm was caused by setting off the CO listening module while installing new batteries in the smoke/CO detectors. Not only could we not stop the siren using a keypad or Alexa, the monitoring service refused to cancel the false alarm even though we provided the correct password, and the fire department showed up.

In all cases, we were eventually able to silence the siren by using another keypad or the Ring app. But it is totally frustrating that the keypad and Alexa won’t disarm the system as normal once the countdown or siren starts. We’ve repeatedly tested the ability to arm and disarm with the same keypads and Alexa when the system isn’t triggered, and they work fine. The battery in the keypads is charged and the keypad lights up during the alarm.

What is causing this problem? We’re about ready to trash the system.

Hi @user36814. For CO alarms, there is no way to cancel the alarm. This is because a CO is colorless, odorless and can cause confusion. You can learn more about this here. More information about disarming your Ring Alarm with Alexa can be found here. For your keypad, I would suggest the troubleshooting steps listed here. If you continue to have issues with your Keypad, reach out to our Ring Alarm support team at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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