System overview questions

I am in the stages of researching my options and have some questions. PLease help me understand how the system and components integrate with eachother.

What is the purpose for the base station?
Is it that all devices connect to it and then it connects to the Internet?

Can I store recorded video locally? If not, Why?

Can I install a camera setup without the alarm system / keypad / base station?

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to answer last question yes u can insatll cams without basestation but if u want window door and alarms u need the secuity basestation


The base station is the “control unit” for the Ring Alarm. It uses z-wave to connect to all sensors, it also has the siren, and yes . . . it connects to the internet. If you do not have Ring Alarm then you will not have a base station.

If you want local videos, you will have to download them. They do not record locally.

Yes, you can have the cameras without the Ring Alarm. In which case there would be no base station or keypads.

Ring Alarm and Ring Cameras are separate products, but they do have some integration if you wish to use them in that manner.

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Let me explain what I’d like from the system. Not necesarily looking for an alarm in the sense of lights and sirens.
I’d like to monitor the opening and closing of 3 doors and be aleted on status change
I’d like to have at least 2 outdoor cameras idealy recording locally, which I now know is not possible
Like to have the ability to easily add indoor cameras

I like the idea of the smoke / CO alarm listener

I do not mind making sure I have either AC or PoE in the necessary locations.

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You would need the Ring Alarm base and three door sensors. You can set the alerts as you wish.

For the outdoor cameras, if you can run the ethernet, I would suggest POE elite model. As you now know, they will not record locally. Add as many indoor cams as you like.

The smoke CO listener would also be linked to the Alarm base.

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How does the keypad play into things? Can I buy7 the base seperate without getting a kit?

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Great questions @Codewize! Our Alarm system is sold in a Kit, which our most basic Alarm Kit will feature a Base Station, Keypad, Motion Detector, Contact Sensor, and Range Extender. Once an Alarm Kit is obtained, we do have additional Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors that are sold separately, to grow your ‘Ring of security’. There are various ways to use the Alarm system to fit your needs, but there are also requirements and guidelines to ensure it is operated as intended.

You do not need to use your Keypad as the Alarm devices can be controlled through the app, however, if you plan on using armed mode features and professional monitoring, we recommend using every piece of the system to avoid false alarms and to ensure for efficient operation.

Also, keep in mind that our Alarm devices are designed for indoor use only. Feel free to ask any more questions you may have! :slight_smile: