"System of Record" for camera settings

Are the camera settings stored in the Ring Cloud? If they are, then it makes sense that I can delete the storage on my phone app, delete and reinstall the app on the phone, and install the app on a second phone while the settings are safely kept in the Ring Cloud to be downloaded to the app as needed.

Please confirm if this is correct?

I ran this by Ring Support. They said the settings will be lost if you delete the Ring App and don’t have the App installed on another phone or tablet.

If you are getting a new phone, the procedure for preserving the settings is to 1) First, install the Ring App on the new phone and login. The existing settings should download onto your new phone. 2) After the settings are safely stored on your new phone (or other device), you can delete the app from the old phone and dispose of it.

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Hi @VideoVick. This is true. I recently experienced this when upgrading my new iPhone. Luckily, I was signed in on my iPad and my settings remained when signing in again.

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