Syncing ?

All devices on myAndroid arenotshowing up in my Win 10 PC App. How can Iget them in sync ? Thanks. Or how to add a device in the PC App ? I see no place to add on thePC App. Thanks.

Hi @DieselDoc10. If you’re signed into your Ring account, you should see all of your devices on both the Android and Windows App. Which devices are you not seeing on the Windows App? Feel free to attach screenshots to demonstrate what you’re seeing on your end.

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Hi Caitlyn. I do not see my Ring door bell Pro on my windows app but it is on myAndroid App. Screenshot below from Windows App. Well screen shotwill not paste. Only shows my stick up camera in Windows Ring App. There must be a way to sync the 2 Apps or at least add a device in my Windows App ! ? I see NO PLACE in Windows App to add a device . Frustrating as heck.Thanks for the reply.

OK. just opened myWin App and like magic all my devicess were listed so once again the spirit of Bill Gates lingers. No explnation . I tried this most of yesterday. So I will close this out but still I see no clear way to just add a device in the Win App. Thanks for your concern.Be Safe All.

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