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I have tested chirp on keypads in addition to base station. It works, but the chirp happens at different times across devices. Maybe it’s just me, but I find this annoying. It would be nice if the chirp was synchronized across devices.

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Hey @jameshearttech. How much of a delay are the chirps? I personally have the chirps happen with only maybe a second at max of a delay in between, but I also have my Keypad very close to the Base Station, and therefore the Base Station and Keypad are about the same distance away from any Contact Sensor installed in my home. Since the distance and signal from the Keypad and Base Station are going to be the same since they are near each other, this could be why I have little to no delay. You can test this by bringing your Keypad near you Base Station, and then testing the chirp sounds to see if the chirps sync up better.

In all, I appreciate your feedback and will make sure to pass this onto the appropriate teams. I wanted to share my insight and experience with you on this! Feel free to add a Ring Alarm Range Extender in your home as well, as this will boost the connection your devices have, and help with this syncing you’re looking to have more lined up! :slight_smile:

Hi Chelsea,

This home is about 2000 sq. ft. and we do have a range extender on the end opposite the base station. I went ahead and tested your idea. I brought both keypads into the same room as the base station. For me it made no difference. The base station chirps first, about 2 seconds later the first keypad chirps and about 2 seconds after that the second keypad chirps. This is same result as when they are scattered across the home. It’s like an annoying echo across the home that the chirps happen. If they all chirped at the same time it would be great.

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@jameshearttech I really appreciate you doing this test! It seems the communication style is as it should be. Where the contact sensor will tell the Base Station to chirp first, and then the two keypads get the signal as it follows. My assumption on my lack of delay versus your testing is because I live in a much smaller area (800 sq ft approx.) so the signal doesn’t have to travel as far/take as long. I will make sure to pass on your experience to the appropriate teams so that your situation is taken into consideration for future! I personally have 2 Range Extenders in my home as well (should’ve mentioned that), and since the range of the extenders is extending up to 250 ft in open air, you may want to look into purchasing additional ones!

I don’t want to sway you to purchase devices that may not improve the performance that you are looking for, but wanted to mention it in case you would like to give it a try! You can always purchase the additional range extender(s) from Amazon or Ring, as we will let you return in 30 days for your money back if you find the extra extenders does not help, which I feel like it may not considering the size of your home/complexity of your system. Thanks again for testing my theory though! :slight_smile:

If the behavior is the same whether the base station and keypads are in the same room or spread throughout the home I don’t see how adding additional range extenders is going to help.

BTW, the delay is the same when arming and disarming the system. I’ll hear “armed” on one keypad then I hear “armed” on the other keypad a couple seconds later. It would be nice if that audio was synced also.

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@jameshearttech Agreed to both of your points! Just wanted to provide as many options as I could think of to help in the meantime. Thank you again for your feedback, neighbor. Hope you and your family are staying healthy and safe during this time! :slight_smile:

I have the same complaint about delay between the sounds coming out of the Keypad in the hallway vs the Base Station in the adjacent room, except in my case the delay is less than 1 second, but still annoying. For now I just turned the volume down on the audible alerts on the Base Station but I’d prefer to keep them turned up for louder overall volume of verbal alerts and chimes.

btw a while back I posted a feature request to add a slider in the app allowing you to tweak the Base Station’s audio output delay. I hope Ring can add this feature in a firmware update.

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