Support via email about Smoke Listener/Smart Lock

Hi there,

I just asked used the live chat to ask for email support. Apparently it doesn’t exist? The live chat also keeps closing itself (i’m using google chrome).

Is this true that there’s really no email support? That seems insane. I don’t like getting support via chat or phone.

I wanted to ask if Ring do fire alarm listening and/or smart locks in the UK? It seems these products exist(ed), perhaps in other countries? I’d love these features for my unit so i can monitor everything via ring rather than having different products from different companies for fire/front door/camera etc.


Hi @user74970. At this time, email is not an option for contacting our support team. You can reach out via chat or phone. Additionally, our social support team can be reached on Facebook @Ring via private message, though their scope of support may be more limited than our phone teams.

Regarding your question, I’m happy to answer that here. Not all Ring Alarm devices and accessories are available in every region, as different countries have different regulations that need to be accommodated. You can find all compatible Ring Alarm accessories available in the UK here. Our team is always working to expand the range of devices available in other regions. We don’t have any information on future device releases, so it’s best to keep an eye on the website to see when new items are added.

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