Support useless on beeping Stickup Cam

Bought a new Stickup battery/solar cam during Prime Day a few days ago. I charged the battery and activated it, and set it aside until I decide where to mount it outside.

Then today I kept hearing a beep about every 10 minutes, like the beep from a smoke detector when the battery is low. I finally tracked it down to this camera.

I googled it and saw dozens of complaints about it, but they were from 2 years ago. Seems support never solved it.

So I just got off the phone with support who said, “These cameras do not beep; can you make a recording?” So he pretty much called me a liar. Nevermind all the previous posts on Ring’s OWN COMMUNITY WEBSITE. I asked for a supervisor but he would not get me one, saying he told me what the supervisor told him.

I’m debating on returning it, and I’ll give them an earfull if they ask why.

Hi @St8kout. Your Stick-Up Cam should not be making a beeping noise. If it is, the only way to progress with troubleshooting is to have a video of this happening, so the agent on the phone can offer accurate troubleshooting steps. Based on what they hear, it could provide insight into what is causing the noise. If you are able to capture this, be sure to upload the video here as well. Thanks, neighbor.

Over the weekend I tried recharging the battery, resetting the cam with the orange button, installed the battery where it said it was updating, and the beeping stopped…until now. It started beeping again just now.

So I pulled out the battery again, and it measures 4.1V, even though it’s labeled as a 3.6V battery, and this is BEFORE plugging it in to recharge it this 3rd time. (It still took hours to recharge it last time after only 2 days use.)

Do you actually have your own Stick Up battery cam? Maybe if you did you’d join the ranks of dozens of other people complaining about it, from posts dating back in 2020.

Hi @St8kout. The next best step would be to try and take note of the date and time when your Stick Up Cam beeps next and contact our support team. Since you’ve previously done troubleshooting with them before, be sure to ask to speak to our level 2 support. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. Feel free to let us know what our level 2 support team was able to determine.

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