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I recently purchased a new Ring Video Doorbell and the 30 day support offered has just ended. Never at any stage in the purchase process was I told that it would be a necessity to have a monthly subscription plan to allow me to see the videos of people approaching my property. This has left my feelings frustrated as all I appear to have purchases is a replacement for my old bell which had no video capability at all. Is it correct that I HAVE to use a monthly subscription in order to really get the benefits of this new doorbell? If so I deal very let down by Ring when I could have purchased another providers product!

Hi @user51972. A Ring Protect plan is an optional subscription that unlocks additional features for your Ring Doorbell, included access to video recording. Without a Ring Protect plan, you can still use the Doorbell to receive notifications of visitors at your door and you can access the Live View to see and speak with whoever is there in real time. You can learn more about Ring Protect plans here.

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