Sunlight Triggering My Ring Doorbell

Everyday around 10 AM, my Ring Doorbell goes off for about an hour until the sun passes a certain point. Is there anything I can do? Can’t move it or it wouldn’t even make sense to have it.

Hi @hex4277. Since the motion detection for the Ring Video Doorbell is PIR motion detection, there may not be a workout at this time to eliminate the Doorbell from detecting what it thinks is motion without upgrading to a Doorbell with Advanced Motion Detection like the Pro or the Elite. Although, I personally would recommend to just do a motion snooze of those notifications during those times, as this will eliminate the notification even though you will still have the videos in your history.

Additionally, you could look into a Wedge Kit to angle the Doorbell down more, and possibly away from the sunlight hitting it. You can buy the Wedge Kit from or Amazon, as we offer a 30 day refund policy. If it doesn’t work out and seem to at least limit these alerts, you can also return it back for the refund!

Experiencing the same issue in SD, CA. Around 10am the sun will trigger the doorbell to ring. Several times I’ve answer to find no one at the door. When you watch the video playback there was never anyone there. So its not just the Motion Sensor, but actually triggering the Doorbell (ding dong). Weird and a little annoying. Always around 10am or so when the sun is directly shining into the camera.

My bell triggers the motion sensor when the sunlight hits the bell. My doorbell doesn’t ring; but same concept.

I have the same issue with mine. I have a South facing house and it happens especially in the winter months when the sun sits lower. Starts in the morning before the sun gets behind the tree, everytime it peeks thru the tree and even more so late in the day. 12 motion alerts as of 2PM today…so far.

I will try the wedge and see it the condition improves but it will be a pain. Reason is I am using the mounting bracket now and will have to reconfigure the mounting.

P.S. I upgraded to the newer pro 3 and it still happens (maybe even more so) than the ring 2 did. Snooze option could work if I wanted to basically snooze every sunny Texas winter day.

Before installing our ring db we had a panasonic wired talk doorbell (no video). That doorbell was recessed into a stone wall and had a little slanted ‘roof’ that projected out maybe 3-4 inches (primarily rain protection I guess). I have mounted the ring db on a thin metal plate which now covers the old ‘hole’ in the stone wall, but the new db is still protected/shaded by the little roof…