Suggestions to clean up the low voltage power wires for alarm keypads

Helping my daughter and son-in-law at their new house. They have the ring alarm system. they have the keypads in a few places in their house. It takes away from the clean look of ring and the system to have the power brick nearby and a wire snaking up to the keypad.

Any suggestions? I know of Legrand cordmate

but of course, they have decorative trim on the walls so you can’t go straight up

I thought about poking a hole just above the electrical outlet, snake the low voltage cord to the keypad in the wall, pretty much directly above the power outlets. The power cord would come out behind the keypad.

Or is there any central way to have power in the basement and run it to each of the keypads.

Yes, ring is ‘wireless’ and even though this is a new house, this would mean running cables around the house.

I am intrigued - there’s a blink brand of camera (blink is owned by Amazon?!) that runs on some lithium batteries for … up to 2 years!? that seems amazing. No battery option for the keypads?

Any other thoughts? I am new to Ring, but an IT consultant, so I am pretty handy / tech savvy.

Stay safe!!

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