Suggestions for Contact Sensor placement

Our home builder liked to go crazy with weird door trim designs and unfortunately, all of our exterior doors have this thin, bullnose shaped trip, that does not allow flush mounting of either part of the sensor.

Do the sensors have to be mounted flush with each other or can they be at an angle, as long as they are within the required distance from each other?

I am sure that someone has faced this before me, so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated…

Thanks, Mike

Yes, they can be at an angle, I did that with one, but then changed it, did not like the way it looked . . . you might want to consider the “slim magnet” available on the Ring website for $5. It is really small and the angle will not be all that noticeable on the molding. Mount the sensor flat on the door and put the small magnet on the molding. I used a bunch of those small magnets around my house.


Brad, you are a lifesaver! Thank you so much! Mike

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