SUGGESTION? Why doesnt Ring develop a "siren" of their own?

Instead of us purchasing a Dome Siren that in my opinion is garbage! and not loud enough! Why isnt Ring developing their own LOUD siren. There is NOTHING out there. I am shocked a company like this doesnt have an outdoor siren? You used to but discontinued making them? The keypad and base unit sirens are junk and NOT loud enough? Especailly for someone like myself that sleeps with ear plugs in! Please forward this message to someone in the company that gives a darn about GOOD research and development Thank you PS Oh yes and by the way Why is it I cannot buy a Dome siren on amazons Canadian website but can on the amazons US site??? Isnt Ring a amazon company???

Product suggestions go here (Feature Request Board - Ring Community). Do a search first to see if someone has already made the same suggestion and vote for it. If there’s none add yours. Once it garners enough votes Ring might consider it.


No longer have that board Hmmmm I WONDER WHY???

Try it yourself the board no longer exists HOW STUPID! Customer feedback and customer ideas make a product great Looks like Ring are going backwards on this one???

Don’t know what you are referring to, I clicked on the link and was taken there.

Good luck!

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Seems you are the only one.
I click and see a long list of product suggestions. Maybe clear your browser’s cache or try a different browser.

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