Suggestion Motion Messages More Quick Replies

Ring chose not to offer the arguably most deterrence/security-enhancing Quick Replies (pushed doorbell) message for Ring Wired Doorbell, including “Person detected. You are being recorded. Occupants have been notified. Have you been invited? Please tell me your reason for visiting.” It would dissuade all but welcome guests - and keep people safe without suggesting they are not home, as most of the available Quick Replies do.

Ring claims keeping people safe is their goal, but the omission of this - on most models - proves otherwise. Before buying, it was so obvious, I presumed it was available.

This should also be an announcement/alarm option to play automatically when Motion is detected - from every cam model. You should not have to sit and wait for motion to be detected to speak a custom message every time.

I will likely return my cams and will warn others not to buy if these firmware updates are not coming very soon.

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