Suggestion for new feature

An alert frequency would be a great idea. I use the Ring in my office so I know when a customer comes in. Unfortunately, the whole time they are there to complete the transaction (about 8 to 10 minutes) my phone is shouting “SOMEONE IS IN YOUR OFFICE! SOMEONE IS IN YOUR OFFICE! SOMEONE IS IN YOUR OFFICE! SOMEONE IS IN YOUR OFFICE!”

Perhaps, a way to set it for [x number] of alerts, and then pause for [x number] minutes.

I would surely appreciate it and I believe others would as well. It would be a fairly simple bit of coding to make it happen.
.Hope that’s useful to my All-Star Ring Team.

Great Product!

Hi @heymichaelgentile. We actually do have a feature similar to what you’re describing! It’s called Motion Frequency. This creates a “dwell time” in between Motion events so you’re not being alerted every time there is motion. You can find out more about Motion Frequency here! And your suggestions are always welcome on the Feature Request Board where they can be upvoted by other neighbors!

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