Suddenly Stopped Connecting to Wifi

My doorbell has suddenly stopped connecting to my Wi-Fi.

There have been no known changes to my network.

The doorbell need to be completely reset, and again it loses connection.

I’ve only had it three weeks. it was fine until earlier today.

Hi @JeffreyDriver. What model Doorbell is this? Is it hardwired or battery operated? What is the RSSI for this Doorbell? These are all things that can help determine what is causing this issue.

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Ring Video Doorbell Pro
I don’t have the RSSI as I deleted the camera and tried to set it up again. The signal was fine though, as it was definitely green.

The camera won’t enter setup mode. The light just pulses white.

Hi there I have the exact same problem with my doorbell 4 bought 3 weeks ago. It has stopped connected to the wifi suddenly.It keeps saying Status Offline
It is not wired and the battery is full.
10.50mbps download
28.66 Mbps upload, pinging at 37ms
Firmware is up to date
I have bought a chimepro to try to enhance the wifi and it connects no problem. It tells me the ring device is connected to the chime pro but the app keeps spinning and two white lights are flashing left on the doorbell. Then I eventually get the message “your ring doorbell cant connect to yr chime pro” - these devices are geographically 3mtrs from each other, creating a triangle of 3 metres with our modem.

You’ll see it under ‘Device Heath’

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Same!!! It happened yesterday late afternoon. Approximately 1 day and 1 hour (today) it magically came back online. I did all the normal troubleshooting yesterday. That didn’t work so removed the doorbell from the wiring, tested the voltage (came back with more than enough power), rewired. Nothing worked, it just turned on randomly a day later. :roll_eyes: Mine wasn’t even flashing though, as if it had no power. The only new thing is that I have 2 more cameras and linked my doorbell to the downstairs cam to start recording whenever there was an event (motion detected downstairs). My dog escaped downstairs and got trapped, so there were a lot of events that triggered the doorbell. I’m wondering if this overloaded the system or if it overheated?

Are any of your devices linked to record/notify/alarm when another device detects motion or something? Or are any of your devices newly installed?

My device health report showed:
WiFi signal - rssi-42
Trans voltage - Good
Firmware - Up to date
Wifi test - everything came back phenomenal.

Lastly, I don’t think this will be an isolated issue for either of us, seeing as they sent an update out on Feb. 11th for devices randomly going offline.

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Hey neighbors. I’ve shared this information with my team so they can take a closer look. While we look into this, if you are still experiencing this concern, I suggest reaching out to our support team. They’ll be able to look at your specific device and examine the data to have a better understanding of the issue. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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Same issue; just 2 days ago, my ring door bell pro suddenly saying wifi is offline while it is continue to gather footage. The live view doesn’t work anymore. This is could be ring cloud storage issue (full???) or the new firmware issue. My Ring door bell pro health is perfect. Ring support, please look into this issue.