Suddenly “no longer be supported” after 3 years

Samsung Tv q90 flagship
Ring doorbell 4

My doorbell notification on my tv has just stopped working. It was working.

This is a notification I have when trying to re-add my ring doorbell to SmartThings via the “partner” way.


Ring Doorbell Server Support Termination Notice

The Ring doorbell and camera integration will no longer be supported on your Samsung TV starting on 13th February, 2024.

However, you’ll be able to use your Ring device on Samsung TVs (year 2022 and beyond models), Samsung Family Hub refrigerators, the mobile SmartThings app, as well as the Ring app.

Who is responsible for this Amazon ring, SmartThings or Samsung tv? Not sure who I should be contact/complaining to?

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Hi @Chap29116 Samsung SmartThings has never been an officially supported integration by Ring. In this case, it is Samsung SmartThings’ discretion whether to continue supporting the Ring Doorbell and Camera integration on a particular smart TV model or not.

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any solution to this yet? already started missing the days where I could anwser my doorbell or access cameras while watching TV

Seems these two companies are not “partners” after all. Are they going through a divorce? They definetly not talking. Sad for them.

@Caitlyn_Ring Not really a soulution is it. Its just passing the buck. Maybe a dedicated RING app for samsung TV is a solution. Or at least talk to your partner about it, otherwise us kids are going to suffer.

If your TV is Alexa enabled you can get around this quite easily. Just setup a custom routine in your Alexa app which says “Show me the front door” (or whatever you names your doorbell) on the TV when the doorbell is prsssed/detects motion. Literally just did it last night on one of my friends TV’s. Admitedly his 2nd Samsung TV didn’t work as it’s not Alexa enabled but for any that are, works just fine by bypassing Smartthings.

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