Ring Cams won't load on Edge browser

for some reason my microsoft edge browser wont load the ring cams either , happened a few days ago

Hi @ash11221. Which version of Microsoft Edge are you currently running? Have you tried a different web browser? Are you able to load the Live View on the Ring app?

Mine stopped working on Edge a few days ago, too!! My cameras still load and will update, however, if you go to live view none of them (4) will activate and you can’t view any prior events. The strange thing is that ring on my iphone works perfectly. I’ve done nothing to my computer the last few days and know it’s got to be my edge browser, but I’ve checked and rechecked everything, including updates and it’s all the same. Now for the really strange thing, I changed browsers to google chrome and everything works!


I’m running Microsoft Edge Version 122.0.2365.66 (Official build) (64-bit)

Hi @Scotchwater. Thank you for those answers. I’ve checked in with my team on this, but we have been unable to reproduce the issue on the Microsoft Edge browser. Ensure you are not using any VPNs when accessing Ring.com, as this can inhibit performance. I’d also recommend reviewing the permission settings in your browser to make sure microphone permissions are enabled. In the meantime, you can use Google Chrome as a workaround.

Hi Caitlyn,

Not using VPN’s, Mic’s are enabled, and I’ve checked every suggestion I could find online for fixes and nothing worked. It makes no sense that it’s worked for years and I’m the only one on this computer and nothing has changed since it occurred. I did, however, find a string of people having problems with Edge not letting them use live view in the last week, but no one had a fix.
The fact that my phone works and Chrome works on my desktop leads me to believe either Ring or Edge are having compatibility problems and no one knows whose fault it is!!!


@Scotchwater Where did you see these other posts about neighbors having issues with Live View on Edge? It’d be helpful if you can share those posts, as I can then share them with my team.

Additionally, which type of Ring devices do you have? The device name is located on the Device Health page in the Ring app. If you have different models of Ring Cameras, does the Live View issue occur on all of them?


Yes, I have 4 cameras. Two spotlight, one floodlight, and one doorbell and they all show on the laptop and refresh, but when I take any of them to live view or try and watch events, none of them will activate. I googled “live view not working on windows edge” and a ton of hits came up. Since my last post I have tried running troubleshooters for different systems and started and restarted my computer a dozen times. For something that started all of a sudden, it’s beyond my expertise to fix. Why my camera’s work on the Google browser is anybody’s guess. I’m thinking that if it was a “Windows” problem, then it wouldn’t work on Google either.


@Scotchwater Thank you for confirming that, I’ve passed this issue along to my team. They have still been unable to reproduce the issue, so I suggest using Google Chrome as a workaround since the issue does not persist on that browser.

I’m having the same problem (my device is Ring Doorbell 2). I can access live view and all history videos as usual ,when using Google Chrome browser or my Android phone. However I can’t access anything when using Microsoft Edge. This has been the case for about 2 weeks. I’ve cleared all cache, reset and repaired Edge but the problem still exists. Is this being investigated any further as the issue is not at my end?! Any help please

I am having the same issue. Works on chrome and Android phone but not on microsoft edge browser.
Clearly someone has pushed an update (Microsoft or Ring) that is not compatible.

your app/browser will attempt to connect to amazon ads server prior camera live view.

check and unblock this site and live view should show up


this is via APP on iOS

your firewall may be blocking *.devices.a2z.com

have a look or add in bypass to that exact site to prevent unblock wildcards

Same problem now on two different laptops.
Can no longer view video on Edge browser, Chrome works fine.