Sudden Signal Change

So I am at a loss here, Network geek by day. I have a doorbell 2 that up untill wednesday has never given me an issue. Noticed drop off to almost no motion events. Upon further review live view says “Poor Connection” Netgear night hawk literally 6-7 ft away, stand at the door bell with Phone, lappy etc full wifi connection with low pings. Door bell reportds RSSI 56. I restarted router, modem and did a hard reset of door bell. Any help?


Hi @JeffG241, have you tried reaching out to our support team here on this? If you’re reviewing no motion events, you could also try removing the device from your account and re-adding it after doing another reset of the Doorbell, but otherwise it would be best to continue to follow up with this with our support team directly.

I did Jasper was among the worst tech experience I have ever had. After he wasted almost an hour and a half of my time I gave up when he suggested I take it off the house and move closer to my 6ft away router. Then Eric contacted me to ensure me he would take care of me then stopped responding. To say I am less than impressed is an understatement. ??‍♂️

@JeffG241 I’m sorry to hear this! This is definitely not the experience that we want our neighbors to have. Was the followup from the second rep via email? We have been changing our process and procedures lately due to the changing times and have limited email assistance, so this may be why. I apologize if that is the case!

Nonetheless, you could try a couple more things to get it up and running. I would recommend removing the Doorbell from your account completely, performing the reset by holding down the setup button for 30 seconds, and then re-setting it up. If you still realize that there are no motion events, we may need to visit some settings on your router to make sure that it is no restricting the Doorbell from processing the video. You can learn more about that in our Ring Help Center Article here.

Also, one last thing to make sure of - I assume you have an active Ring Protect Plan? If you do, then we can rule not having one out as one of the reasons why the Doorbell may not be saving/creating events. Just want to cover all bases to help you out with this. :slight_smile: