Subscription required?

Why is my doorbell feed suddenly saying I need a subscription? I thas bbeen working fine, and suddenly it is not.

Hey @teachrmama ! It sounds like your Protect Plan may need to be renewed or subscribed to. Our Protect Plans are optional, but feature many benefits such as the ability to save recordings for viewing in the future. Learn more about our Protect Plans here.

If you are subscribed already, and the concern persists, please try to uninstall and reinstall the app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

What is the option, It says veiwing videos in the future…Does that mean there is no storage space to save ANY videos? Cant we forward video to a mail account? Do we HAVE to have the subscription? What are the basic features without the subscription?

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You can use it without a subscription and still get alerts plus view live video. But if you want to record and store video to look at later, you’ll need either Ring Protect Basic or Ring Protect Plus.

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You will need to confirm your Protect Plan subscription status if your video recordings are not saving or your recordings are not showing in your event history. This can be done by logging in at via web browser and clicking the Protect Plans option on your Dashboard.

Playing your recordings from the event history via the web browser is also a great test to see if your recordings work and are there. If you are needing to subscribe to a Protect Plan, visit our Community article for steps on subscribing.